I know that I must say the word “stop” a million times a day to my three year old son. I mean, he is ALWAYS into something. Whether it’s jumping around and off of thigs like furniture, or running up and down the aisles shoe stores.

I just do not understand what is sooo hard to understand. I mean, I say  “stop” and it registers for maybe 30 seconds, and then he is back at it again. For example, my son and I went to the shoe store today to find him another pair of shoes.

Well, he decided that it was “run” and “jump” time and proceeded to run and jump over everything that he possibly could, including boxes of shoes that were stacked on the floor! I realized the whole time we were in the store, all I was sayging to him was “STOP”!

He would stop for half a minute and then resume as if I had said nothing…Now, I know that I am not the only mother that has this issue because I see it all the time in public. But, it is so much more embarrassing when it’s your own child…everybody is looking at you wondering why you can’t control your own child…there has to be a solution to the “stop” delimma!

Well, since I have been writing this post and thinking about it (most of the day), maybe it is time to switch-up the approach. Maybe I need to find more things that are allowable for him to do than things that I have to tell him to STOP doing. This just may help. Also, I may need to have more time for him to “run-off” all of the energy that he has built-up in a day…I will find alternative approaches to this as well.

As I was doing a little bit of research to see what other parents are saying regarding “stop”, I stumbled upon this blog from Joyful Toddlers, which sadd something very interesting that I had not really thought about.

The section on “stop” basically says that “stop” is an impossible task for toddlers…they don’t understand this concept and can’t stop unless they are sleep.

You know, being an adult, I guess we don’t really think about these things and try to always apply the same principles in adult thinking and thought process to toddlers and kids, when they actually can’t compare.

So, I am definitely going to take Joyful Toddlers advice and stop using the word “stop”. I am going to instead engage and encourage activities that don’t require the word “stop” and be more verbal with my son in explaining the things he can do that won’t tempt me to use the word “stop”.

Stay posted and I will update you on this process of eliminating the use of “stop”!

Until next time…Later! And by the way, you can check out the Joyful Toddlers new website @ http://joyfultoddlers.com/


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